Guidelines - you MUST read these before registering

Penalty for ignoring any of these guidelines: loss of marks certainly, failure probably.

The project code for each project is given as a word in capitals before the project description. E.G the code for the first project described below is AIRCRACK1 . You will need to use the project code in the form to register the appropriate project. DO NOT register any project until by considering required aims, objectives and available support technology and information resources, you are confident that you are both willing and able to complete your registered project. All of these projects require study and experimentation, which to be worthwhile, you will also find difficult. Students making rash project registrations which are subject to later change of project requests will be marked down on grounds of lack of preparation, lack of consideration for other students, lack of initiative and lack of proper forethought.

Where 2 projects with the same prefix are numbered 1 and 2, e.g. APACHEVS1 and APACHEVS2, these may be registered by a pair of students interested in working and cooperating with each other in order to have work assessed as a joint project. Please don't register any one of these unless you are willing to work with whichever student succeeds in registering the other. Please read the assignment brief to review additional requirements for pair projects.

Warning: computing security is a jungle with various perils. One is that the landscape changes from year to year and some projects relevant in previous years are likely to have become obsolete. The experimental settlement described, may have been abandoned and active interest gone elsewhere since a project choice was written here for a previous year's module delivery. Only very brief annual review is possible of more than 100 miniproject ideas by teaching staff. So before registering, it's up to you to check that there is active ongoing interest in the subject discussed and adequate support resources available for you to make progress in this area. If you feel on account of changes between when a tutor looked at it and when you have that any suggestion below should be removed for the current or future years, then please let Richard Kay know.

I expect students to check whether or not a title given here is actively enough supported to be able to make progress on it before registering it. Richard Kay.

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