Security Systems Theory Project Registrations


Registering a project to your student ID prevents another student from doing it. By registering it, you are making a firm commitment to undertake this project.

List of Projects

First of all choose the project you want to do from this list carefully, note and copy its project code, .

Email Problems ?

Email is a store and forward system. While it normally gets through in a few seconds this is not guaranteed and it can take longer. Make sure you know your own student email address before you attempt to obtain a PIN. Also check that you have sufficient disk space quota to be able to receive new incoming messages into your student email account. If you were over your quota any messages are likely to have been returned to sender, so you will need to ask the registration application for your PIN again after removing unwanted messages. Check your junk mail folder and if the email with your PIN arrives there, click on the "this is not junk" button so that future messages from the project registration server go into your inbox.

Registering your project


  1. First come first served for any project title. If someone else has registered a title already then you will have to choose another.
  2. If you exclude someone else more capable than you by registering a title and then saying you don't want to do it, you will lose marks for lack of initiative, preparation and consideration.
  3. This system is intended to go live on Friday 3rd Feb 2017 at 14:00pm. The live registration web application will not work prior to that date/time, but a dummy system may be provided for brief periods for testing purposes. Any registrations made using the dummy test system are not binding on anyone.
  4. Please don't ask me to register a project for you by personal email - If you do, then I will either ignore such a request if too busy to reply, and if not then I will direct you to this page. I developed the web application to make it fair for all, and to automate this job.

Use this form to email yourself a PIN. When you have received your PIN in your email you can then use the same form to display project registrations already taken and to complete registration of your project.