Security Systems Theory UG2 Module Information

Security Systems Theory UG2 Module Information

These notes relate to delivery year 2011 - 2012. They are left online for archive purposes, and partly to provide a backup against the possibility of Moodle downtime. Please use the Moodle module for the current year's work.

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Assignment 1

Assignment 1 brief

Assignment 1 deliverable 1

Due to problems experienced during the first half of Autumn term with lab use of virtual Linux machines for practical coursework exercises, the format of this assignment deliverable has been changed to become a written exercise. The learning outcomes measured by this assessment which are supported by the practical work undertaken are unchanged. Print a copy of the question sheet and follow the instructions on it.

Assignment 1 deliverable 1 question sheet

Assignment 1 deliverable 1 marks are available.

Assignment 1 deliverable 2

The miniproject list is now available . It is intended that a few additions (new security issues) and deletions (security issues considered obsolete or effectively resolved by other approaches) will be made to this list before project registration commences at the end of week 12. Every student will need to register a unique tutor defined or student defined project based upon a short description of aims and objectives.

The Project Registration System will go live on Wed 14th Dec 2011 at 15:00pm GMT. Before then, for brief periods, a test application may be made available for student and staff testing purposes.

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Autumn term notes (weeks 1 to 12) will be made accessible here.

Spring and Summer term notes (weeks 13 to 26) will be made accessible here.