Website Programming Applications(PIA)

Module Guide

Module: Website Programming Applications(PIA)
Division: Electronics Communications and Software
Module Co-ordinator
and Lecturer:
Richard Kay
Laboratory Tutor: Richard Kay
Contact Information: or by appointment through level G0 reception.
Brief Descriptions of the TWO Items of Assessment:

You will be expected to complete TWO Assessments.

1. Assessment 1 will be through a personal portfolio of work including lab exercises and personal contributions to the group design project written up and included within a log book.

 2. Assessment 2 will involve a team programming project, to be specified, designed and implemented by teams of betwen 2 and 4 students.

Assessment Weighting: Assessment 1 (individual): 60% Assessment 2 (group): 40%
Individual assignment 1: Students will receive individual credit for their own work presented in logbook portfolios. The work you submit must be your own and not the product of collaboration with anyone else. Students who copy others' work will be awarded 0 marks.
Group assignment 2: Marks will be allocated to team members jointly in respect of the project specification, demonstration and project report. Software reused (i.e. any program code used within project and own license terms and not written by the project team) must be documented and agreed with the module tutor in advance.
Assignment  Submission: In-course assessments will be submitted through the Coursework Collection System, to the module co-ordinator.


Teaching Schedule for: Website Prog Apps PIA.


Lecture Topic Tutorial Topic Ass
1 4 Feb 02 Intro to Python Simple Python programs Ass. 1
2 11 Feb Strings, if-else,expressions, simple I/O  Expressions, If, I/O, debugging
3 18 Feb Lists, Tuples and loops Manipulating lists, using loops
4 25 Feb Functions and modules Defining and using functions and  modules Ass. 2
5 4 Mar Exceptions and regular expressions Defining functions and using modules
6 11 Mar Python Classes, objects, methods and inheritance Creating and using a class Assignment 2
specification handin
7 18 Mar Introduction to web CGI programming Running a CGI program. Specification feedback. Ass 2 Specification feedback
Easter Holiday
8 15 Apr Using HTML forms input to CGIs Python CGI library use Ass 2 Specification must be agreed
9 22 Apr Generating HTML tables on the fly. Python CGI library modules Fruther CGI programming
10 29 Apr Maintaining session state and automating email Work on team project
11 06 May Formative in-class test Work on team project Ass 2 software reuse must be agreed.
12 13 May Maintaining persistent data in the web environment Work on team project
13 20 May A larger Python website example Work on team project
14 27 May Examination week Assignment 2 Demonstration Ass 2 program complete
Golden Jubilee bank holiday
15 10 Jun Examination week Report completion Ass 1, Ass 2 report


Assignment Schedule for: Website Prog Apps PIA


Assignment Title

Date Issued (week commencing)

Date Due In


1.  Individual study and design portfolio
4 Feb 2002 14 June 2002 60%

2. Team programming project
25 Feb 2002 Deadlines for preliminary work and project demonstration as in the teaching schedule. Final report due 14 June 2002. 40%