Programming Applications IV list manager source code

Source Files

entry.cgi is the starting point for all operations. If run without input it will send the entry form. Other operations are either provided directly (unsubscribe and send pin) or are handled by sending the add form or the post form.

entry.form is sent to the browser by entry.cgi and also provides entry.cgi with input.

add.cgi confirms list membership.

add.form provides input to add.cgi .

post.cgi sends messages to all members.

post.form provides input to post.cgi is an importable Python module with many CGI utility functions. is an importable Python module which provides a class with methods to search, load, save, display and update a simple database table. is an importable Python module taken from the Python Mailman list management system. This includes a Lock class which which provides a concurrent resource locking facility allowing safe updates of a database table within a multi-user, multi-processing CGI environment. is a set of database table definitions for the members and prospects tables used by the above 3 CGI programs. These definitions are imported as one table definition object for each table. These definitions are used when constructing table objects using the tablcgi.table() class.