Python Exercises lab 12

12.1 Download the source code for the WPA4 list management system into your Apache CGI webserver installation. Modify the top lines starting with #! to the path for the Python interpreter on your system, e.g.


If you have been able to send outgoing mail modify the cgiutils2 module so that it accesses the domain or IP address of the outgoing mail server.

12.2 Fully test your installation of this list management software, using debug mode and inspecting your server logs if neccessary. Make sure you succeed in:

  1. a. obtaining a PIN,
  2. b. adding yourself as a member,
  3. c. posting a message
  4. d. viewing membership details
  5. e. unsubscribing yourself.

For each test make observations in your logbook about the usability of the software and what you had to do to get the software to work. Write down any error messages received and how you corrected these in your logbook. The system contains at least 2 minor documentation errors. Which did you spot and how would you correct these ?

12.3 Continue work on assignment 2.