Website Programming Applications IV (Python)

Assignment 1


Assignment 1 is for individual programming work and contributes 60% towards the final module mark.

Warning about plaigiarism

It is critically important that students ensure that no work carried out by anyone else is represented as their own in this portfolio. Where a student wishes to include modifications (license permitting) to reuseable code, comments crediting original author and origin (e.g. the title and author or Internet URL) and describing students additions or modifications must be clearly retained and included as neccessary in the relevant source code as presented. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a mark of zero being awarded, and may in some cases result in evidence being forwarded to a cheating committee.

Your logbook/portfolio

Students of this module are expected to build up a portfolio of lab exercise notes and original designs using the Python programming language. This portfolio must include the students handwritten notes in their own logbook used to carry out laboratory exercises. The portfolio as handed in through the coursework handing in system must also include a floppy disk containing the source codes of Python programs developed by the student. This portfolio may also optionally contain wordprocessed and printed design notes and diagrams.

Assessment Criteria

Criteria based on which marks will be awarded for this work will include:

Moderation of individual teamwork contributions.

The extent to which the student writes up his or her individual and independant contributions and reflections in respect of the group design and build project using this portfolio may also be used to award increased marks to an individual student in situations where there is a significant divergence between individual work in respect of assignment 1. and group work in respect of assignment 2. So if a diligent student is let down in respect of assignment 2 by other team members, the individual portfolio presented in respect of assignment 1 in connection with assignment 2 work may provide evidence allowing tutors to increase the mark of deserving students awarded in respect of criteria a-d above, up to the maximum (60%) percentage of the module mark available through assignment 1.