Introduction to Open Source Technologies CPS

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Assignment 1

Assignment 2 will consist of an in-class test during week 36. Further details TBA.

Course Notes

Week 31 Fri 12 Jun 2009

Morning: The Open Source Community and Licenses

Afternoon: Unix/Linux path naming notes.

Using simple Linux commands and a text editor.

Week 32 Fri 19 Jun 2009

Morning: Kernel case study: does this represent collaborative or managed software development or both ?

Afternoon: Unix pathnames, IO plumbing and filters.

Please complete the pipe,filters and permissions tutorial. You will need the demo.tgz archive file.This can be extracted using the command: tar xzvf demo.tgz

Week 33 Fri 26 Jun 2009

Morning: Linux installation: requirements and options.

Afternoon: Shell scripting and other rapid application development languages on Linux.

Please complete as much as you can of the Unix scripting tutorial.

Week 34 Fri 03 Jul 2009

Morning: Installing software on Linux and package management

Afternoon: Process control and environment tutorial. Students are encouraged to use any spare time to complete and consolidate work introduced through previous weeks' tutorials.

Week 35 Fri 10 Jul 2009

Morning: Linux security, user account and access control management

Practical: Please complete the Unix security commands tutorial.

Afternoon: Please follow and attempt to complete the Mounting, aptitude and file sharing tutorial. This tutorial introduces various systems administration concepts concerning software installation and configuration by walking you through a client server file sharing application install, helping you to learn how to administrate a typical Linux system. Please also read the manual pages for the commands and system files covered in the tutorial.

Homework: Please revise by completing these exercises, keeping notes in your logbook ready to repeat these exercises so that you can demonstrate the working knowledge you have acquired in the practical test next week.

Week 36 Fri 17 Jul 2009

Morning: 'C' programming, debugging and use of make on Linux. If time permits a demonstration showing development of a simple Python program on Linux making use of the interactive Python command line and shell environment will be given.

Afternoon: Students will complete the practical test to complete a set of exercises starting with a clean Linux virtual machine. These exercises are to be demonstrated to the tutor. Students are permitted logbooks as used for revision.