Lecture notes for DSALG D2 Weeks 13-26

Week 13: Pointers to Pointers and Variable Parameter Lists

Week 14: Recursion

Week 15: Recursive Sorting

Week 16: Knuth Binary Trees

Week 17: AVL Balanced Binary Trees

Week 18: Reading week

Make sure that you have downloaded, compiled, tested and carefully examined all source code examples provided up to date, by running this through a debugger using watch variables and break points. Also make sure that your work on the second assignment is within schedule.

Week 19: Heaps, Priority Queues and the Heapsort

Week 20: Hash Tables and the Pigeon Hole Sort

Week 21: Pointers to functions and code reuse

Week 22: Entropy and security, and programs using random numbers.

Week 23: Introduction to Graph Theory

Week 24: A graph-based route-navigation application

Other notes

Geometrical line crossing algorithms