Lecture notes for DSALG UG2 Weeks 1-12

Week 1: Use of Structures with Functions, Pointers and Arrays

Week 2: Use of Bitwise operators in 'C' and prime number generation

Week 3: Memory allocation types and dynamic memory allocation

Week 4: Data storage software design choices

Week 5: Parsing and validating user input data

Week 6: Keys and addition, deletion and modification of array records

Week 7: Keys and searching for specific array records

Week 8: Simple iterative sorting algorithms

Week 9: Reading week

Make sure that you catch up with any tutorial programming exercises you have not yet finished. Also make sure that your work on the assignment is within schedule.

Week 10: Stacks and queues

Week 11: Linked Lists

Week 12: Sorting Linked Lists and hybrid indexed Linked-List structures