Data Structures and Algorithms UG2/D2 Module Information

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Assignment 1

Assignment 1.1

Assignment 1.1 is now available. Read this first - you will later need to re-read this assignment at various stages to make sure you have fully understood and completed every part of it. You can then proceed by downloading which contains a binary program and text format data file. Then run the binary program and make sure you fully understand what this program does.

Assignment 1.2

Assignment 1.2 is now available. Make sure that you attend tutorials where you will be helped to understand the practical requirements of this assignment and lectures where the theory behind what you are asked to do to complete it will be covered together with worked examples.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for weeks 1-12

Lecture notes for weeks 13-26

Tutorial Notes

Exercises are available to assist students in developing programs and preparation work relevant for assignments 1.1 and 1.2 .

Source Code Samples and Downloads

'C' Source Code

'C' language reference notes

'C' Programming Language reference notes. A copy will be available to you during the closed book end of year examination (assignment 2). So using these while you develop using the 'C' language will help you to make yourself familiar with them.